Man at work

Philipp Heckmann


The stone

This here,“ he said playfully, “is a stone, and perhaps at a certain time it will be soil and will, from soil, become a plant, or an animal or a human being. Now earlier I would have said: This stone is merely a stone, it is worthless, it belongs to the world of maya. But since in the circle of transmutations it also become a man and mind, I grant worth to this stone too.´That what I might have thought earlier. But today I think: This stone is a stone, it is also an animal, it is also God, it is also Buddha, I love and honour it not because it could become this or that someday, but because it is everything long since and always – at it is precisely because of this, because it is a stone, because it appears to me now and today as a stone, it is precisely because of this that I love it and see worth and meaning in each of its veins…

Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

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