Philipp Heckmann - Info

On these Internet pages I collected informations
and photos of my work for you.

I wish you much pleasure.


The single pages can be called up by the menu. Please contemplate the pages on full screen mode, key F11.
In order to start a series, to indicate pictures in screen size or to go back, click simply on the underlined words (links) or on one of the small preview pictures (Thumbnails).

Color quality of paintings displayed may vary slightly from the originals.

I am allways very curious on your personal impression of my artwork, if you like to, write me a few lines:
Working methods
All rights reserved. All work is exclusively protected by Bildkunst, Germany. Reproductions of artwork, those utilization, also in part, as well as spreading by television, film and radio, by photocopy or data-processing systems of each kind are forbidden without written permission of the artist.